Kathton House at The Tyler's Kiln 
no  ordinary  restaurant 
Wednesday to Saturday lunch and dinner, Sunday lunch only. 
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Subject to Change depending on suppliers availability 
Sunday Lunch Menu 
First Course 
Homemade Bread & Olives 
(gluten, milk) 
Cauliflower & Cheddar Soup, Pine Nuts, Warm Bread 
(dairy, gluten) 
Pot Roasted Red Cabbage, Stewed Apple, Apple Balsamic & Pommery Crème Fraiche (ve) 
(soya dairy, sulphites) 
Cured Salmon, Celery Sauce, Hump Fish Caviar, Kaffir Lime 
(soya, celery fish, molluscs) 
Kjösūpa Braised Lamb Leg, Broth & Lamb Fat Potatoes 
Main Course 
Pork Belly 
Beef Sirloin 
Chicken Breast 
All Served in Roasting Jus accompanied by Yorkshire Puddings, Savoy Cabbage, Roast Potatoes, Parsnips, Carrots & Cauliflower Cheese 
Herb Gnocchi, Fourme D’Ambert, Caramelised Onion & Spring Onions (ve) 
(dairy, gluten, soya, eggs) 
Baked Halibut, Mussels, Sea Herbs, Caviar Sauce 
(dairy, celery, molluscs, fish, soya) 
Chocolate Brownie Fudge Soufflé & Clotted Cream Ice Cream (ve) 
(dairy, gluten, egg, nuts) 
Yuzu and Cardamon Mille- Feuille 
(dairy, gluten, eggs) 
Almond ’ Snickers’, Gianduja Ice Cream 
(dairy, egg, nuts, soya) 
Rosary Goats Curd, Pistachio and Black Pepper Waffle, Honeycomb, Fig Vinegar 
(gluten, eggs, dairy, nuts, soya) £2.50 surcharge 
Ice Cream Selection 
1 Scoop 2 Scoops 3 Scoops 
1 Course Lunch £19.95 
2 Course Lunch £26.95 
3 Course Lunch £29.95 
Prices include VAT. Gratuities are at your discretion. 
please don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff if you would like to know the allergens for a dish 
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